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All High-End Equipment !!!
In addition to our spa services, Soleil Tan & Spa offers 5 levels of State-Of
The-Art intense UV tanning equipment, UV-free spray-on & hand-held airbrush.
Mystic Tan
1 min Spray Tan
UV Free Tan
DHA Bronzer
Sun Sector (Lv.1)
No Facials
100-watt Bulbs
12 mins Tan Time
Sun Capsule X11 (Lv.2)
160-watt Bulbs
11 mins Tan Time
Built-in Audio System & High Powered Cooling System
Air Brush
Hand Air Brush spray-on tan
Done by a well-qualified technician
Customize your tan
Takes approx. 15-20 minutes
KBL 4500 (lv.3)
120-watt Bulbs
7000-watt of Total Tanning Time
12-minute Tan Time
1200-watt Tanner
Sun Capsule (Lv.3)
200-watt Bulbs
9-minute Tan Time
Built-in Audio System and high-powered Cooling System
KBL Max 10 (lv.4)
11,000-watt of Total Tanning Power
10-minute Tan Time
High-Tense Tanning Bed
(4) 2000-watt Facial Bulbs
Built-in Audio System and high-powered Cooling System
Sun Capsule Max 250 (Lv.4)
250-watt Bulbs
7-minute Tan Time
Fastest & Most Powerful Stand-IJp Booth
Tan head-to-toe w/ elevated platform
Built-in Audio System and high-powered Cooling System
Future Sun HP (Lv.5)
22,000-watt of Total Tanning Power
10-minute Tan Time
World Standard of High-pressure Tanning
(4) 4000-watt Facial Bulbs
Built-In A/C, shoulder tanners & misting features
Puts out more IJVA (browning ray) than UVB
The VersaProTM Heated Sunless Spa Series is an HVLP Automatic Skin Treatment System that mixes air and one of four treatment solutions into a fine mist. The mist is then sprayed using 3 HVLP spray nozzles onto the body to produce an even, whole-body application. Using Favorite sessions, there can be up to 4 applications per session using any of the solutions and spraying different parts of the body. The solutions are housed in a smart container system so your VersaProTM knows exactly what to do by reading important session information from the solution container.
During the misting process, the excess mist and air are drawn into the exhaust column and extraction fan system, flow through a lifetime stainless steel filter, and clean air exits out the back of the unit. A waterfall-type wash-down system is included to rinse down the inside of the VersaProTM after use along with the lifetime stainless steel filter and the inside of the extraction fan system. A floor-draining system removes excess water & solution after the misting and wash-down processes.
Versapro: 1 visit $42
Versapro: 1 visit from $37