What People Say About Soleil

I have been tanning here since it opened years ago. The owner is Friendly and Personable, the staff is also friendly. The beds are GREAT! I had NEVER seen beds that(if you want) lightly spray you with cool water as you lay down listening to music! And now I've started going for the airbrush tanning, so far... it's also as GREAT as I expected!

Kathy A., Google Review Customer, 2/28/17

I've been going here for tanning since I moved to South Boston in September. I have never had a complaint for the months I went in and used the tanning membership. As for nails, I have only gotten a mani/pedi here once and was completely satisfied with the outcome. Overall, highly recommend.

Tayla D., Yelp Review Customer, 3/10/17

Very friendly and professional employees!

Abdalla Abdi, Google Review Customer, 7/27/17

I love it now. My lover's nails are shinier and SO much less dirty. Must admit, rugs are particularly clean and no nail debris. Also have several colored polish! Am color blind but I believe my lover.

Jimmy S., Yelp Review Customer, 8/11/16

Great spray tan experience / felt comfortable despite the fact it was done in a bathroom covered by some curtain:) can't complain about the process and happy with the medium color.

Jill S., Yelp Review Customer, 2/24/16

I have lived in South Boston my whole life and there has never been a decent tanning and nail salon until Soleil. I disagree with a lot of these reviews, the receptionists are very helpful and my nails always come out perfect. I have never had any problems.

Catherine C., Yelp Review Customer, 7/23/2015

It was such a pleasant experience and I will be going again.

Angie B., Facebook Review Customer, 10/15/2015

I have been here about 10 times 8 of which my technician has done my mani/pedi she is amazing she listens and does what you ask for she is so gentle but gets in and makes every perfect. The other 2 times were almost as perfect. Also the tanning rooms and beds are as strong or weak as advertised and always perfectly clean. Soleil is the best nail/tan salon I have ever been to.

S. M., Yelp Review Customer, 12/4/11

I love the shellac manicure!! I have been 3 times in the past 6 weeks and have gotten 3 shellac manis and 2 pedis. Every time I had a different person and every time I left completely satisfied. My manis have lasted for weeks and have never chipped. It is def more money than a regular mani but I find it to be fully worth it. The only downside is the color selection is limited for the shellac mani however I have gotten a French the past two times and because the nude color blends into the skin tone you can not even tell when it is growing out. The last one lasted 3 weeks! Soleil is now my nail salon of choice!

Liz S., Yelp Review Customer, 6/13/11

Love Soleil. Clean, friendly, bright and well-decorated . . . the girls are awesome and always consistently good. The 2-person pedi suites are a great idea if you're with a friend. And just a nice quiet retreat if you're alone. Recently tried a Shellac manicure for the first time and LOVED it. Would definitely do it again.

Jamia G., Yelp Review Customer, 2/23/2011

I just had my first visit to Soleil today and had the deluxe pedicure. They have a couple Boston locations, but I went to the one in South Boston.

The deluxe pedi was a little pricey ($42), but their normal pedicures seem to be about standard price ($28). I decided to pay a little more because I was intrigued by the hot stone massage. It was definitely worth it. I have been searching around Boston and trying different places to find a great pedicure ever since I moved here in November, and I am so happy I found this place. Most places charge about $25 for a very quick pedicure, and while they're fine, they're just kind of blah and short. This pedicure was a good 45+ minutes, and included an exfoliating rub, lotion/aloe, oil, and hot stone massage. The woman doing mine spent a long time and took good care. They also all wore gloves, and the place was very, very clean. The pedicures are done in little rooms with two chairs, which is nice if you bring a friend with you.

I will definitely be returning to Soleil for all my future pedicures.

Jill R., Yelp Review Customer, 7/22/2011

I will gladly pay an extra $2 more than other salons for a manicure that lasts a good week and a half! I love this place and will not go anywhere else since I found it a few months ago. I also think they get every new OPI and Esse color as soon as they are released, so it's fun to get to try new colors all the time. Make an appointment because they are always super busy.

Megan D., Yelp Review Customer, 7/10/2009

I stopped by Soliel 20 minutes before they closed, thinking they were open for another hour. I was going on a little vacation that would require me to wear sandals a good part of the time, and I desperately needed a mani-pedi; and I mean desperately. They happily did both a pedicure and a manicure, both at the same time, and didn't skimp at all on the quality. My feet are super-clean and I am very relaxed, thanks to the great hand and foot massage. They kept asking me if I was comfortable and apologizing that it probably wasn't as relaxing as usual. I felt so bad for keeping them from going home, but they insisted I sit a few minutes and let my nails dry. I haven't been there in probably two months, but somehow they still managed to remember my name! That is great customer service! And they are having a special right now, so I only paid 38 for the mani-pedi! I may never get a mani-pedi anywhere else again!

Kristin F., Yelp Review Customer, 10/28/2008